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Instrument of Death


In the last book, Deavereau and the Napoleon Clock Incident, our detectives Deavereau and his partner Lori discovered that not only could they work together well, but they understood each other, maybe too well. In this third book of the detective series, they find that their lives may be closer knitted than they had first assumed. Working together has given them quicker reponses to the facts that they seek. As Deavereau and Lori expand their investigation, time seems to slip by and yet stand still at times. Deavereau finds a new place to live and Lori approve of it, but, their work doesn't stop as they try to locate what they are searching for and find mayhem and murder along the way. Lori, acting out a part planned by the duo, becomes a victim in this investigation. They have to decide if their client might be the guilty party! This is the third in the "Series" of detective mysteries and one you won't want to miss.

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