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Reply Howard
11:15 PM on July 16, 2012 
Thomas, I say that for indies, marketing is what's desperately needed. However, I think the pros are right when they say that the best marketing tool is an extremely well written book. And to extend that opinion, I doubt that there is any author here who could not write--or to be accurate--rewrite an excellent book in time. I think where most go wrong is in the story or subject or angle they choose. Don't tell me you haven't read a book that you know you coulda shoulda etc.
Reply Debbie
9:45 PM on July 7, 2012 
The trailer was a very nice gesture and I like it. It has only had 18 views however, so it's not really a marketing tool. I'll probably add it to other sites when I have more time. Thanks for asking.
Your other comment about religious writers: no, I hadn't noticed. I'm on hiatus from social networks for the summer. I even wrote all my blog posts already and pre-scheduled their posting. Started writing a new novel this week and am averaging 1000 words a day. Hope you have a good summer.
Reply artistaka123@hotmail.com
1:44 PM on July 4, 2012 
Mr. Ault
Thanks for the welcome to the website and Happy 4th of July to all. A special thanks to all who have served in the military to keep America Free. What a beautiful day in the state of Alabama for celebrating with family and friends. Have a nice day!

Reply Debbie
4:52 PM on June 3, 2012 
Thanks for asking, Thomas. The publisher released Edge of Escape in March as Sommerfalle which is German for "Summer Trap". They had 6000 pre-orders which I hope means it already earned out the advance and the royalties will be a nice surprise next year. They asked for another book so I sent my most recent effort last week and hope to hear something soon. It's been great working with a traditional publisher and fun reading the reviews, thanks to GoogleTranslate, which have been mostly positive.
Reply Debbie
6:58 AM on March 12, 2012 
Everything's fine. Very busy with new young adult novel - written about 100 pages so far. Today my novel EDGE OF ESCAPE comes out in Germany with the title SOMMERFALLE. This is a different experience being traditionally published but so far away. Hope all is well with you.
Reply Debbie
6:40 PM on August 24, 2011 
I'm at bigpinelodge at gmail dot com. I'm not writing it out right, but I'm sure you figured that out.
Reply Debbie
6:52 AM on August 24, 2011 
Thomas, I hope I'm replying in the right spot. Things aren't loading up correctly. Anyway, you asked if I'd read a pdf of your book and I'd be glad to. But be forwarned that I will point out every missing comma, misused apostrophe and any other error of punctuation and grammar. I can't help it.
Reply Brass Hinge
7:12 AM on August 23, 2011 
Well it took that post lol. Now I'm confused.
Reply Brass Hinge
7:09 AM on August 23, 2011 
I was here earlier and tried to post. It said there was a connection problem and it deleted my post. grrrrr
Reply Brass Hinge
8:41 PM on July 6, 2011 

Please go to my profile page and or read my post.

Hang in there. I am looking forward to getting to meet some new authors.

Brass Hinge Publishing
Reply Thomas Ault
1:02 PM on June 21, 2011 
I just heard from a member asking how to submit a story or two that she had written. You can do it by just posting a comment. I copy a story and then paste it in the comment area...that is the easiest for me.
Reply Brass Hinge
7:01 AM on March 12, 2011 
Brass Hinge is dedicated to helping new and existing authors. However, a strict budget curtails any lavish extravaganza types of commitments. I understand that being in a partnership with any author will require time to mature. Trust is ceertainly a main concern and I am willing to persue any relationship with the utmost respect and honesty that might be expected from me. To be quite honest, at this time, I simply do not have the financial resourses to take on a multitude of new authors. In time ,I will grow, and a handful of authors will have led the way for others to follow. Keeping in line with legitimate publishers, no author will pay one penny to me for my services before a release. There will be proper contracts negotiated and legal representation for the author and for me/ Brass Hinge.

I feel you have a good thing started here and Brass Hinge wants to be a trusted friend and a company that authors can rely on.
As an author, I spend most of my days behind a computer. Sometimes I write and sometimes I investigate and learn. Authors should not feel that I can not be approached. I need to know what they expect from Brass Hinge Publishing so I can mold it into a successful business. Brass Hinge does not steal material or ideas and no files are shared without the authors permission.

I look forward to meeting some new people who share the same dreams and ambitions that I do. I will caution those who think this business is a fast moving,get rich overnight cakewalk! That's just not the way it goes. Investing money in promoting a book and an author requires temperment and good judgement.
Brass Hinge is not accepting new manuscripts or query letters at this time. However, I will be accumulating names of authors for future reference.

Any interested author may contact me. I will try to respond as quickly as I can, but cannot promise to answer all emails.
Brass Hinge Publishing
email: brasshinge@att.net
Reply LaMysticalLady
5:06 PM on March 11, 2011 
Sir Thomas, it's great to be here. I love this site. You have created such a nice setup. It's great to be among other authors. Now if I could only inspire people and sell a few books I'd really be estatic. (laughing) Thanks for inviting us...
Reply Debbie
2:50 PM on March 5, 2011 
Thanks for the warm welcome and the kind comments here and on "that other place".
Reply Thomas Ault
12:58 PM on March 5, 2011 
Well, two weeks went by and we had another meeting...three of us hoping for more, but it does take time you know. We had two suggestions for a name for the writing group, one was Future Authors, and the other was Guntersville Writer's Group. Both are goo and solid so a decision will have to be made.
The second thing on our agenda was the direction we should aim for, and we had eight thoughts that pointed to (1)Motivation (2)Publishing Methods (3)Writing Style (4)Short Story Starts(5)Critiques (6)Words turned into short stories on queque (7)Photo Journalism (8)Genre Open.
We are open to any suggestions any of you may have as well, so speak up and be heard....
Reply Thomas Ault
5:41 PM on February 4, 2011 
Today was the first meeting of the Gentlemen's Writing Club - Not surprising it was less attended than hoped for but a value was established to maintain a level of professionalism. A Writer, and Editor and a College Student attended and aGramar expert was excused....maybe things will look up in two weeks.