Posted by Thomas Ault on March 26, 2020 at 12:45 AM
To: Opinion Editor 03-24-2020 Subject: Afghanistan I have to admit I have not paid particular attention when reading about foreign affairs, but after the article in today�??s paper (March 25) that tells us how much we are funding the Afghan situation, it occurred to me that I should pay more attention to what is going on. Perhaps more education is required for me to understand how and why our government does what it does, but it seems to me that common sense should become something more frequently used when doling out our tax money. According to what I have just read, Afghanistan has received $4 billion dollars annually from us while at the same time we are probably spending that much or more, plus the cost of our people�??s lives, fighting to preserve something they don�??t have, (a good government) and apparently don�??t want. Yes, it is understood that there is a movement for world governing, which is very premature due to the world status and our own dissatisfaction of the idea, but when we take the money out of our pocket to help fund a terrorist nation, while at the same time fighting with them�?�is this reasonable? Why are we funding a bunch of countries and increasing our national debt into the trillions of dollars? We were a country, originally founded on freedom of the people, allowing those people to live their lives in a free country that was, and still could be, self-sustaining. Yes, we need to be helping other peoples if we can, but funding a country we basically are at war with? The world�??s most impoverished countries have come to the belief that we, as a nation, are a money tree. Yes, France, Spain, and England helped us to get started. Of course each of those countries wanted a piece of the pie and that did not work out too well. Are we doing the same thing hoping for what little these countries have to offer given back to us in repayment? I wrote the other day about the $2 trillion we are looking at to cure the virus, and here we are handing out billions to countries that would cut our throats for a dime. I don�??t want to sound un-American, but how long can we finance every impoverished country in the world?

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