Crime or No Crime

Posted by Thomas Ault on September 11, 2018 at 6:40 PM
TJA 08/09/2018 I assume that before I write this, backlash could be in the future. Are you sick and tired of the disgusting situation where people are not innocent even when there is photographic evidence of the crime, yet he/she pleads �??Not Guilty,�?� as advised by an attorney who is abiding by an oath that is questionable, and it is accepted? Every day we see videos of criminals being shot for �??no apparent reason.�?� The video left out the fact that the person shot was running away from a stolen car, an abused victim, or some other criminal activity that they have just committed. It doesn�??t make any difference whether the person is black, yellow, red, white, or whatever color they claim to be; if they have committed the crime they should not expect leniency�?� yet our courts are so afraid that they will be condemned for doing what they should do, that they do nothing at all or cave in to prefabricated criticism and set the criminal free while condemning the person who did what they should have; the one who had to decide in that split second of time what was right or wrong. Don�??t misunderstand me! I am not saying that everyone does not deserve a trial by their peers. I do believe that they do. My problem is that too many times only the video, or an unauthorized picture, that depicts the criminal as the victim, is shown. Years ago, I handled some rental property. One afternoon, as my wife sat with a renter in her kitchen, a young man, who was the grandson of the renter, dashed through the house and lifted my wife�??s purse. We found it an hour or so later down the alley in a garbage container, without any money of course! There was no investigation, no real concern for my wife�??s loss, only concern for the poor young man who apparently needed our money more than we did. Of course we had to pay the property owner for the rent collected. After all, we were considered rich�?� since we collected the rent. Perhaps you have never been a victim, and if that is the case, you should thank your creator for that! If you haven�??t been a victim, maybe you should consider the complete picture instead of the one that is frequently presented�?� without all of the facts. What do you think?

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