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Thin Skinned TJA 10/26/2017

It is difficult to not feel sorry for those people that need to have everything their way. They are missing out on one of the important things in life. It is called understanding. Today it’s almost a crime to enjoy a good joke. Every word must be carefully spoken lest someone find fault with it. Why do so many think that everything said has to portray some nasty connotation? Are we living in a world of evil minds?

We used to tell a joke, play a prank on someone, and even tease a friend. It was something we all took in stride and smiled about, even when the joke was on us. As a matter of fact, if we didn’t get picked on occasionally, we felt left out! We learned to “take it on the chin,’ then forget it, even if it hurt.

Face to face confrontation is no longer acceptable. We have kids being attacked on Facebook, and iPhones, and iPads, because that is what they see every day in the media or on television. Too many continue to make a “mountain out of a molehill.”

I look back at my childhood and smile because it was a great time. I lived with my mother and my grandmother. I didn’t know that we were poor; someone forgot to tell me! I had the opportunity to bag potatoes at the local grocery store in my preteens. I didn’t make much money, but by working there I got to fly in the Wonder Bread Blimp, and that was great! (My mother didn’t have to sign a dozen waivers, pay a fee, and check with an attorney first!)

Our back yard had some great holes that my friend and I dug and used for foxholes to fight off a make- believe enemy. We didn’t waste time plotting against one another. If there was a problem, we confronted each other and solved it, generally peacefully. Occasionally a bloody nose, hurt dignity, but always a mother’s tender care for both of the boys (or girls) without taking sides, always insisting on a shake of the hands and an “I’m sorry.”

We since have become a thin-skinned, none-caring, over-regulated group, waiting like vultures to pounce on our next prey! Let’s try to understand each other instead of being pushed by the media to believe the worst in our peers?


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