Dump the Distress

Posted by Thomas Ault on April 5, 2020 at 3:45 PM
Subject: Dump the Distress When a person, man or woman, has been involved in their job for a long time, just staying home is a difficult thing to do. I know this because for many years I lived my job, at work, at play, even at home. Then I retired and about went stir crazy. I felt I had lost everything and discovered I needed something�?�anything would do. First, I discovered that when I was at work a lot of things were being done at the old home place that I had not considered before. For instance, the carpet got cleaned, the kitchen cabinets got waxed (we had wooden ones), the windows got washed along with the blinds, at least on the inside. One time I even discovered the toilet stoppage became magically unclogged. All of these things and more were just being handled without my help! I realized that I had married an engineer as well as the sweetest lady in town. It was time to do some household �??fix-its.�?� It was time for me to hold up my end of the marriage bargain. I just came to realize that I had all of those wonderful tools downstairs and each had a purpose other than handing on the pegboard or peeking out of my tool box in an attempt to make their owner look like he knew something outside of work. Soon, I became the repair expert because what I didn�??t know about, I discovered to be beautifully taught on the computer in our little home office. Finally, with the long overdue work handled and the overlooked �??honey do�?� list completed, I discovered that my wonderful spouse, who had put up with me for all of those years, was also relieved that she no longer had to put on overalls to handle all of the household chores. I was actually fulfilling my husband duties that I should have been handling all of this time. Needless to say, after a few weeks of completing the repairs, I became restless once again. I questioned myself. �??What in the world can I do now?�?� Again, I turned to the computer for some answers. I looked into wood working, furniture repair, writing articles and where to publish them, some photography, (I dusted off my old Cannon camera which had been in its case in the closet for some time) and even checked into the iPad that was gathering dust, to discover free puzzles and even a paint by number program. I have become much more relaxed after clearing my mind of the business details that I don�??t have to worry about, at least until I return to work. If it isn�??t work I have to return to, waiting to get out of the house can be lessened and halt the tension because I could do some of those things I read about on-line. Believe it or not, I have learned how to make wooden candle holders, I discovered I could use children�??s plastic figurines to produce my own small knickknacks. ( I used plastic western miniatures to create western scenes) Those puzzles I discovered on the iPad tend to keep me busy figuring them out for a couple of hours every day! (They give you a new puzzle to do each time you complete one) If you can�??t find something that is possible for you to do, try calling a friend on the phone, dropping a note to someone you probably should have writing to right along, or take a walk with your spouse around the block. The fresh air might give you some more fresh ideas and without doubt will be good

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