Perspective - Virus

Posted by Thomas Ault on March 24, 2020 at 11:00 PM
Subject: Perspective I would like to thank the many people in this country who are doing their best during this crisis. At the same time I would like to admonish those that think could have the answers in advance, to unknown situations that suddenly appear, and be prepared. I wonder, as I listen to the news broadcasters giving us the very worst scenarios and frequent slanted news stories, why I continue to do that. We are in the throes of a serious health problem�?�it is bad�?�it will get better. It is a shame powerful people like the mayor of New York talk about what the president should have done. He is the mayor of the largest population city in our country and with his apparent foresight should have had equipment and extra hospital arrangements set up in advance. Why was he not prepared? According to his statements on television, he blames the president for his situation�?�it seems to me he should have had his city prepared since he thinks the president should have been. It is so easy to �??blame someone else�?� for our own short sidedness. I know I have done that in the past, and regretted it later. This is not the time to find fault with others! Our statesmen should not be making demands to fit their own political agendas. By the time the debate is over the problem will be gone. People need to live and to exist but a two trillion dollar hand out is not the answer. In the years I have been alive there has never been a citizen handout made in this manner. It used to be prevalent in this country to stand up and be counted�?�seems today it is to stand up and put our hands out. Let us, as a nation, hunker down, move ahead, pray for an early reprieve, and make things work. I, for one, feel the president�?? message of hope for a reprieve by Easter is a good thought. For those that choose to understand it any other way than the way he meant it, I suggest that if you had to sit in that chair and make those decisions, you would come to understand the many sides of a problem that we, the people, rarely see.

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