Stupid is as Stupid Does

Posted by Thomas Ault on March 23, 2020 at 1:00 PM
For the like of me I cannot understand how our politicians can, with a straight face, attempt to pull their usual shenanigans. Here we are in a pandemic and Charles Shumer, Democrat Senator from (of course) New York, is trying to force a bill he thinks is more important than the crisis we are facing by tagging it onto a much more significant one that could help the virus be slowed and maybe stopped by placing money into the right places to fight both the virus and the economic crisis. Are we about to allow this epidemic to bankrupt our country because of the Senate's bickering? It has been my philosophy for some time that to understand today, we have to remember yesterday and then build on it, not tear it down. There will always be mistakes made by all of us, and if anyone thinks they have never made one....I have news for you...you have, even if you prefer to not mention it! The government is not different since it is just a bunch of humans trying to make sense of it all...and sometimes not doing a good job of it. If some of them would join the real world it might be an advantage for us all. Opinions are like belly-buttons, everyone has one...well almost everyone. This is my opinion; The powers to be need to put down their combat ready shields and shake hands Once they do that, then forget about their pet bill passing and do the most expedient thing they can put together to alleviate the problems we are facing today. The bickering they are doing is wasting time and money as each day is worse than the last one and the problems will soon become unsurmountable. I think the title of this brief essay could be asserted at this point. I totally believe that stupidity has become the password to enter into the chamber of the Senate and the House of Representatives...maybe we should change the names of those, one time reverent chambers, to Ego Village and House of Irresponsible.

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