A Dream for Tomorrow

Posted by Thomas Ault on March 22, 2020 at 4:30 PM
Subject: Dream World It is not often that there is a situation the whole world is engaged in like this pandemic we are facing today. It appears to be something that every country is being plagued with. Are we overlooking this opportunity to unify as one global community, not separated by race, color, politics, gender, or country boundaries? Our military personnel are facing sanitary problems due to the government bringing home so many troops that they cannot be accommodated for by our military camps. Many countries are facing this problem and similar conditions with their military personnel being returned to areas where hunger, clean water, and inadequate living conditions exist. These are obstacles many poorer countries live with daily. If all countries would lay down their weapons, put on their masks, and fight this world-wide epidemic, they would come to realize how important each individual�??s life is. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if we could have left our soldiers in a place where they were without risk of being killed, rather than bringing them back home in the midst of an epidemic that could put them in harm�??s way. Many countries are undoubtedly facing the same dilemma. If our world leaders would discontinue the desire that their country�??s dominance over each other was intelligent, and instead work on important benefits for their people, what a wonderful place this would be! Can you imagine safely exploring the great pyramids, or perhaps the intricate handiwork and crafts of the far and middle east, walking the great wall of China, or enjoying the cuisine of Italy while helping that country through the tourist industry. This is the perfect time to re-evaluate the positions of various leaders, many of whom are only concerned about their own egos, personal wealth, and power. This is a beautiful world and we, as its inhabitants, need to grow wiser, enjoy the fruits God provided for us all, and replace weapons with nutrition, learning, trade and understanding instead of waging war. Every country has something another does not; why can we not use the trading of product between countries rather than stealing it, and spend that military money on progress instead of war? Our country has spent $5.9 trillion dollars on the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq since 911. Think about it!

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