Posted by Thomas Ault on March 17, 2020 at 12:55 AM
Subject: Gossip Many of you will not remember the old gossip columnists and radio gossip personalities, but names like Hedda Hopper, Walter Winchell, and Louella Parsons might ring a bell with some of you. Walter Winchell used to start out with �??This just in!�?� Remember that? Today we have a new group of �??unauthorized�?? gossipers. I have no doubt that they are told to �??leak�?� information. It is always written in the newspapers �??speaking on the condition of anonymity because�?� yadda, yadda, yadda. I have no idea how other people feel, but as far as I am concerned this is gossip! When I hear it happening, when I read about the news, and the possible effects on someone, or some country, state, or whatever, I tend to tune it out as gossip�?� unchecked fake news. My question is, �??Why don�??t the supposed news breakers just break the news with substantiated truth?�?? The old gossipers generally told the truth about people that some people wanted to hear. I remember Hedda and her hats, not necessarily her comments. I remember Walter Winchell because he always sounded so authentic with his �??This just in!�?� As I recall, before every attorney in the neighborhood wanted to make a buck, most of us listened because the information was generally correct, but generally questionable and sometimes humorous. In today�??s world of fictional truth, those old gossipers, would be like Rush Limbaugh with suits being rampant. Each would be expounding their �??facts�?� and the public would be eating up the nonsense like a bear with honey. It would be much more valuable if these, so-called news leakers, were non-existent. Some of what they leak causes real damage to countries, and to secret intelligence exposing future military plans. There are things that cause serious problems. Frequently they are �??leaked�?� on purpose for political purposes, which is politically degrading. Let�??s put a stop to these �??whistle blowers�?� and treat them with the same respect we would with that best friend who just told the neighbors all about the private secret you told him or her.

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