False Accusations or The Truth? Does it Matter?

Posted by Thomas Ault on October 5, 2018 at 10:45 AM
It is against my better judgement to take sides in political discussions that usually have about as much substance as a grade school gang�??s knowledge level. I am not going to choose sides on the debate over Kavanaugh�??s abilities. I don�??t know what is in his mind and no one else does either! I do think, however, that if these puffed-up senators, who actually believe they are more important and smarter than any other human in the world, would open their minds, close their mouths, and start acting like the people we thought we elected. The right questions for the job should be asked instead of trying to sling as much mud as they possibly can. They seem to forget, of course, it splashes back on the person that throws it. If you read the Bible, you will recall that Jesus was accused falsely, beaten, and murdered! It only takes one person to turn a crowd into a frenzy and it would appear that one person has been found by those who would ostracize this man, a man who has been a pillar of his community, a wonderful father to his children, as well as a husband to his wife. If you are part of the accusers, you should be pleased that you have destroyed a man�??s life, home, and children. Can you imagine what would happen if every time you looked for a job a check was made into things you may have said or done, when you were in high school, grade school, or even in college? I don�??t know about anyone else but I am sure there are things I really would not like everyone to know about. I may have done something, when I was young. That is the time we are allowed to err and hopefully learn from our mistakes! It is time to stop destroying someone because they are of a different party, a different race, or a different culture. We need to start acting like adults and if we have to get rid of all of the �??so called�?� intellects that think they know how to run this country, let�??s do it. It would appear most of them need to get a job that requires them to do something other than preen for the camera, look in the mirror and admire themselves!

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