Time to Grow Up

Posted by Thomas Ault on March 6, 2018 at 9:10 PM
Time to Grow Up and be Counted 3/6/18 /tja I was reminded today about how history, whether in the Bible, or just in memory, seems to repeat itself. The uninformed many have assumed that he/she has not fulfilled his/her obligations, and to some extent, while that assumption may be true, the question is, who is to blame? A good friend of mine pointed out that we continue to throw mud instead of roses. A case in point, whether we like our new president or not, he has been one of the very few that has tried to live up to his promises. We are experiencing the greatest, even though somewhat alarming, surge in the market place than at any time in history that I can remember. The out of work folks have become much more employed than in recent history, and the taxes of been slowed down, not just for the rich (as the news likes to preach to us), but also to us, the less fortunate, in the lower income brackets. If we truly look back at biblical history, we find such men as David, Saul, Moses, and a few hundred more that were not perfect by today�??s standards, did do the will of the Christian God, and while what they did seems barbaric in today�??s world, was something than needed to be done in the period of time in which they lived. Were they wrong? All of us, including those we consider to be perfect, have not always been perfect! Many of us did things that neither we, nor those that know us, would want to publicize, yet each day we see our elected officials pointing out every flaw in their opponents character, even if they are fabrications. They hire people to start unnecessary probes. They remind me of the investigator taking pictures of private family situations in an attempt to tarnish their character. We should overlook some of their promises that could only be accomplished with a bit of assistance from those that would rather wreak havoc instead of serve the people who elected them. It is my hope that one day our elected ones get over this juvenile attitude and start doing what they were elected to do. They would the not only earn our trust, but their pay!

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