Posted by Thomas Ault on October 2, 2017 at 7:10 PM

Today we live in a new world, a new concept if you will. Over the past century we have gone from loving everything to hating everything.

The fact is we tend to hate anything someone else has and we do not.

What is the meaning of hate and love?

First, HATE: “Described as an intense hostility and aversion usually driving from fear, anger or sense of injury.”. From the American Heritage Dictionary: “Intense animosity or dislike.” There are more definitions you can find under that title.

Second: LOVE: “An intense feeling of deep affection.” or “A variety of different emotional and mental states,” or according to The American Heritage Dictionary, “A strong feeling of affection and concern toward another person, as that arising from kinship or close friendship.”

God’s followers describe love as being that which all mankind should embrace, one for the other.

Today we have decided to hate! We hate our neighbors, we hate the republicans, we hate the democrats, we hate anyone that disagree with us because without searching out the truth, we lazily hate what we don’t understand.

The shooting in Las Vegas is still under the microscope. Is there an answer?

From the beginning of this century, we have heard more about hate than any time in the history of our country. The tearing apart of our wonderful country is underway, and those that believe “hate” is the answer, are responsible! For one, I do not condone hate! Do you?

What fools we all are. We now have more that most, even in the better neighborhoods, had in the 1930’s and 1940’s. There was one real thing we had and it was called love. We cared for our neighbors; we cared for the lonesome hobo that wandered the railroad tracks; we cared for the poor and needy by sharing what we had whether it was a coat we no longer needed, or a scrap of food left over. Sometimes we made sacrifices to provide for those who had less.

Today the world is filled with “me’s.” Those that say “I” am important, “I” am smart, “I” have more than you do. “I” come first. What a sick bunch of “namby-pambies” we have become!

Take a good look around you and see the greedy, self-indulgent, and just plain ungrateful bunch we are. We are pathetic! We could do much better for our country and fellowman.


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