It's Over and Yet Just Beginning

Posted by Thomas Ault on January 27, 2017 at 6:00 PM
Well the elections are over, the fights are still raging, and people are still not settled in on the new programs which are coming whether we like them or not. I don't know about you, but I think it is time for us to settle down, read a good book (hopefully not one filled with those "F" words to a point you want to gag! I haven't had any comments for a long time, so I just thought I might let you know what is happening around the Ault Place. 1. We decided to move to a different place, one where you don't mow, you don't shovel and you can just relax with your hobbies. Did you know that I like to do simple wood working? I am not great but I do enjoy being in my own workshop. 2. I have a great room to write in and do research in. Where do you do these things? Library? Home Office? Outside? Inside? 3. PJ has had a cancer operation and I am glad to report that she is doing very well and has ridded her body of he blasted thing...we think! 4. We voted, our guy gto in...now we have to listen to the exaggerations of a lifetime. I think he means well, but the extensions of the facts get a bit out of hand. 5. I decided to build something for my wife...a Necklace Hidaway...something to put here necklaces in, hang on the wall behind the door and make it look like a full length mirror...hey, if you haven't tried it, don't knock it. 6. Painting some woodwork, straightening some light switch plates and painting a little outdoor door to the patio. 7. Working driving cars for a Ford Distributor...I seem something new everyday, although I only drive back and forth between two towns. But during that driving time I I do a lot of thinking about what to write next. Oh, I forgot to mention I am on chapter 7 of a new Deavereau mystery...I am only about four months behind, unfortunately. Well, that is about it for the Ault household other than my granddaughter has now written and published two books about her area of the country, and son Mike has added a couple of books to his group of published writings. Now it is your turn...how about writing something about yourselves that others may enjoy...after all we are just a happy family of writers and/or authors....right??

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