It Is Your Country...Seek the Truth

Posted by Thomas Ault on March 3, 2016 at 6:15 PM

Sometimes we have to just sit back, watch and listen and not be caught up in what is being said, but what is the true meaning, and then we must consider how what we are hearing might effect the rest of our lives...such is the poitical arena today...a lot of retoric, but terribly low on substance.

This is not something that is being crammed down anyone's throat but really something for you to consider as you listen to the things being tossed about..

Do you remember the bullies of your school years? Try to remember them and the classmates of the time, when you were there!

Today is the first day of your new world. For each of us, when we arise from the sleep we have received, as a gift from God, it is a new day blessed with refreshed thought and memories that we should base our lives on.

Throughout this world, today, there are millions of people who have no good memories of yesterday, or yesteryear, only the thoughts of what they will be facing today, as they arise from the broken promises of yesterday. These are the peoples of those countries that have lost their identities, their possessions, and in many cases what little freedom they once had. These are the people of Socialistic, Communistic, and other similar governments that are controlled by a few, while they are among the majority in population, but still minorities since they have no say in anything…they are like ants wandering around the earth doing the bidding of their queen and only concerned about her abundance of eggs that make their population continue.

Are we like those ants? Do we really want to live with only one objective in mind and it is not even our own desire or wish?

Consider this:

George was given an exorbitant amount of money to start his life.

George was taught from birth to be number 1 at all costs and accept nothing less.

George was a bit spoiled???

George did as he was taught, win at all costs.

George became insanely wealthy, but many times, at the expense of those less aggressive.

George now believes he is the wisest man in the world and tells everyone how wonderful he is.

There are people who believe him, because they have lost their own dreams.

The question is, should be allow George, with no knowledge of us, the poor ants, to assume control of our lives, our government, our futures?

It is the one thing that our great country askes of us…be diligent in your choices of who will be in charge! Have we given thought to the future, or are we just clinging to some ridiculous promise made to us by “Geroge,” that fellow who cannot come close to understanding you and me, the common man?

Wake up citizens of America; wake up before it is too late. Look at the history of the world and see the methods used by dictators, those elected to office for the wrong reasons, those that have taken advantage of an unfortunate guidance of a country in the past! Are we going to be taken in by a Geroge?

Remember, what we do today, as a unified citizenry, is what we will live with tomorrow…Were we not sold a bill of goods in 2008 by a fantastic orator? And again in 2012?

Think before you vote, then vote from wisdom, not salesmanship from someone who is taking you down the primrose path to destruction. Think wisely, remember what has happened, be observant of what is happening…ask yourself, “is this too good to be true?” YOU know where this is going, don’t you?



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