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Posted by Thomas Ault on November 27, 2018 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)
Shamefully, our country has decided to worship a buck rather than God. It also has chosen to attend a sporting even but never time for church. I am devoted to bringing more people to the realization that there is much more to life than having a good time and piling money in the bank. A few years ago, when most folks had nothing, or next to nothing, they had a wonderfully un-complex life. I don't know about you but when I was growing up the family didn't have money to spare. I had suit for Sundays church and special occasions. This was a luxury that was saved up for all year long and was purchased in time for Easter. By that time, a year had gone by and as most children, I had outgrown the old suit but we gave it to someone who needed one, provided I had not spilled something on it or ruined it in some other way. My father worked, like most men of that time, five and one-half days a week, at least eight hours a day. On Saturday afternoon we might do something, but generally that time was devoted to house maintenance, lawn mowing, or some other endeavor that required the strong hand of a man. No, women were not doing much outside of the home. My mother worked all week long mending clothes, cleaning house ( and that was a lot tougher then since these new conveniences we have today were not available. Saturdays were saved to help my father if need be, and getting the family ready for Sunday services. Monday was always wash day at our house and that meant using the old washing machine with the wringer on the top, then after wringing out the clothing, putting it into baskets and carrying it all outside where is would be hung with clothspins on that long group of rope lines stretched between two posts my father had cemented into the ground to keep them from tipping. Yes, those were hard days, but I never knew it. We all appreciated what we had. It was called family in those days. We actually ate at the same time around the table in the evening when my father got home. We went to church as a family on Sunday, there were not stores open back then as Sunday was a day to thank God for what we had. Saturdays did have baseball somewhere during the summer, and some football, mostly at the high schools, on Friday nights. Its was a good time when our family sat around the one small room in the house that housed a piano, mandolin, violin, and a trombone. Singing the old songs and some church songs was wonderful, especially in the winter when we could also enjoy the heat from our coal furnace, some hot cocoa, and on special occasions fudge or popcorn. I would trade today, with all the conveniences I and my wife enjoy, for yesterday with all of its hardships just for the warmth of family and the love that we shared.Nostalgia? Yes! Would I have lived as long as I have now? Probably not, but I would not have all of these "old age" illnesses and pains either. All of these thoughts are just some fodder for your imagination in case you are still under that wonderful retirement age. Hopefully, you will be able to think back to when you were a child and say "I am happy to be alive...I am happy to enjoy this marvelous holiday season, and especially this God filled Christmas.


Posted by Thomas Ault on November 27, 2018 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)
Who Are We? A Thanksgiving Message More and more each day we are being rained upon with words from those who do not appreciate our country, and those who would like to see it become a different place than that which we were taught was our beloved United States of America. I am a Christian and I don�??t have any problem saying so! With that being said, I would like to point out some certain truths that our country was based on. The very first adventurers that came here to make a new home were the passengers on the Mayflower. They wrote the Mayflower Compact in 1620 which in part stated, �??Having undertaken for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian faith, and honor of our king and country, a voyage to plant the first colony in northern parts of Virginia,�?� etc. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln, in part said in his proclamation, �??I do, therefore, invite my fellow citizens to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and prayer to our beneficent Father, who dwelleth in the heavens,�?� etc. The Washington Monument includes a bible in its cornerstone. The Supreme Court has the Ten Commandments inscribed in four places. The Library of Congress, White House and Jefferson Memorial all have references to God. In the United States Capitol the declaration �??In God We Trust�?� is prominently displayed in both the United States House and Senate Chambers. This is also declared on our paper money. How much proof do we need to point out the need for God in our everyday lives and in our deeds? It is time to start looking at what our future holds and start thinking about why our past provided us with today and how we are going to prepare ourselves for the future. The infighting that is taking place in our country will lead to an unhappy future should it continue. It is time for our leaders to start thinking beyond their own personal future. I hope each and every one of you have or have had a Happy Thanksgiving. (complete quotes can be found on via google)


Posted by Thomas Ault on November 26, 2018 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)
Nostalgia comes from time to time, and it is especially true at this time of year. I tend to reminisce more during the late fall season that any other time. Thinking back of when a Christmas tree was a real one because there weren't anything fake than even resembled a real tree. When the downtown was decorated and all of the stores decorated their windows, every department store tried to outdo their competitor with special automated and extravagant displays. How glorious it was to go downtown... sometimes with my older brother, but more often with my mother or my grandmother holding my hand. (There weren't any shopping centers) There was always a big crowd where Santa sat listening to all of us kids as we told him what we wanted for Christmas, even when we were old enough to know that Santa might be our mom or dad. Why should we have let on that we knew any better? Then there was the strolling minstrels singing their Christmas repertoire while smiling brightly in honor of Christ's birthday or sometimes bawdy songs of the New Year with the cheer for the season. Church was filled with Christmas Carols, stories of the first Christmas and everyone seemed to be friendly and good will was everywhere. People greeted others with cheery greetings, even folks they didn't know. Many times the snow was falling, but no one seemed to be bothered by it much. Many of the streets were not paved so cars that ran on them and then came onto the main streets of town, brought along the mud from where they had come from...we didn't care, love was everywhere! None of us knew we were poor. We all thought that we were equal. We had some well to do shop owners across the street from our house who were just everyday folks. All of us were neighbors and if there were any of those "higher-than-mighty" types, I don't recall seeing them. Maybe they were perched somewhere that I could not see them, but I have to admit I don't recall. Even the owner of the department store in our town was jovial and enjoying the season, even with the long hours he and the other merchants had to endure. Now it is today...most of those old downtown stores are closed and moved, or the windows that held those wonderful displays are bricked up. The streets are not bustling with people anymore as the stores have all moved to "more convenient" locations. The store owners aren't as cordial and happy as they seemed to be in the days gone by. Shopping centers are open all hours of the day and night. Holidays when families used to crowd around the table or into the living room to be together and enjoy what they had, now are talking on their cell phones, listening with speakers stuck in their ears to music that seems to have no words and sometimes no "music," or just keeping busy and complaining about the work he season has brought to them. We have traded those wonderful holidays, those days that no longer is what the dictionary describes. I read it again today and thought how can that be? "A day appointed by law for suspension of business in commemoration of some event." Or even better, "Any day of rest." I suppose that the dictionary should change that, as our country has twisted so many things to become commercial days instead. We have lost the true meaning of, not just Christmas, but all other holidays as well. Today's world is money oriented. Holiday dates that used to mean somethings are now shoved either forward or backward to facilitate long weekends so we can go to more sporting events, drink more beer, or spend our time traveling to some location we all wish we could escape from after being there a short time. Oh well, it is that time of year that comes every year, like it or not. We can't escape it, but we can relish it and try to recapture the beauty of this holiday season but calling someone that has been forgotten, stopping to see someone who needs a friend, or just being a part of your family by putting away the earphones, the cell phones, and the other things that keep us from good old family love and conversation. To everyone, Happy Holidays and especially. Merry Christmas and Happy (safe) New Year. God Bless us one and all!!!

False Accusations or The Truth? Does it Matter?

Posted by Thomas Ault on October 5, 2018 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)
It is against my better judgement to take sides in political discussions that usually have about as much substance as a grade school gang�??s knowledge level. I am not going to choose sides on the debate over Kavanaugh�??s abilities. I don�??t know what is in his mind and no one else does either! I do think, however, that if these puffed-up senators, who actually believe they are more important and smarter than any other human in the world, would open their minds, close their mouths, and start acting like the people we thought we elected. The right questions for the job should be asked instead of trying to sling as much mud as they possibly can. They seem to forget, of course, it splashes back on the person that throws it. If you read the Bible, you will recall that Jesus was accused falsely, beaten, and murdered! It only takes one person to turn a crowd into a frenzy and it would appear that one person has been found by those who would ostracize this man, a man who has been a pillar of his community, a wonderful father to his children, as well as a husband to his wife. If you are part of the accusers, you should be pleased that you have destroyed a man�??s life, home, and children. Can you imagine what would happen if every time you looked for a job a check was made into things you may have said or done, when you were in high school, grade school, or even in college? I don�??t know about anyone else but I am sure there are things I really would not like everyone to know about. I may have done something, when I was young. That is the time we are allowed to err and hopefully learn from our mistakes! It is time to stop destroying someone because they are of a different party, a different race, or a different culture. We need to start acting like adults and if we have to get rid of all of the �??so called�?� intellects that think they know how to run this country, let�??s do it. It would appear most of them need to get a job that requires them to do something other than preen for the camera, look in the mirror and admire themselves!

Crime or No Crime

Posted by Thomas Ault on September 11, 2018 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)
TJA 08/09/2018 I assume that before I write this, backlash could be in the future. Are you sick and tired of the disgusting situation where people are not innocent even when there is photographic evidence of the crime, yet he/she pleads �??Not Guilty,�?� as advised by an attorney who is abiding by an oath that is questionable, and it is accepted? Every day we see videos of criminals being shot for �??no apparent reason.�?� The video left out the fact that the person shot was running away from a stolen car, an abused victim, or some other criminal activity that they have just committed. It doesn�??t make any difference whether the person is black, yellow, red, white, or whatever color they claim to be; if they have committed the crime they should not expect leniency�?� yet our courts are so afraid that they will be condemned for doing what they should do, that they do nothing at all or cave in to prefabricated criticism and set the criminal free while condemning the person who did what they should have; the one who had to decide in that split second of time what was right or wrong. Don�??t misunderstand me! I am not saying that everyone does not deserve a trial by their peers. I do believe that they do. My problem is that too many times only the video, or an unauthorized picture, that depicts the criminal as the victim, is shown. Years ago, I handled some rental property. One afternoon, as my wife sat with a renter in her kitchen, a young man, who was the grandson of the renter, dashed through the house and lifted my wife�??s purse. We found it an hour or so later down the alley in a garbage container, without any money of course! There was no investigation, no real concern for my wife�??s loss, only concern for the poor young man who apparently needed our money more than we did. Of course we had to pay the property owner for the rent collected. After all, we were considered rich�?� since we collected the rent. Perhaps you have never been a victim, and if that is the case, you should thank your creator for that! If you haven�??t been a victim, maybe you should consider the complete picture instead of the one that is frequently presented�?� without all of the facts. What do you think?

Tort Relief

Posted by Thomas Ault on September 11, 2018 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)
Tort Relief TJA 08/19/2018 From time to time, as most other folks do, I read something that requires an answer or at least a comment or two. Today is no exception. �??Church group�??s opposition stuns advocates of tort reform�?� has caused me to consider the �??tort�?� situation. First and foremost, the word tort is defined �??A wrong that is committed by someone who is legally obligated to provide a certain amount of carefulness in behavior to another and that causes injury to that person, who may seek compensation in a civil suit for damages.�?� People should be compensated, to a realistic degree. Looking at some of the crazy and unnecessary amounts of money being awarded is sad. For example, let�??s say a person, on a yearly basis, earns $100,000.00. He/she is no longer to perform �??any�?� kind of work. That person certainly should be awarded a sum equal to what they could be earning until the age of 67, or whatever retirement year is in vogue at the time. Let�??s say the person is now 25, and has 42 more years of life expectancy before retirement kicks in, and is definitely unable to work. Assuming that the income will jump by 4% a year (this is not based on any factual finding) that would amount to more than $4,368,000.00. (Accumulative yearly increases is impossible to figure) The 1st year�??s assumed income could be given the person, and the remainder put into an interest bearing account that would pay out each year according to the average wage of the time, for that income level. Of course if there was actual continuous medical treatment that would have to be taken into consideration. Today, we are rewarding many times that amount of money with a generous portion going to the law firm that represented the individual. The problem here is that if we award the $4,368,000.00 as a lump sum and the fee is 10%, (which I understand is way below the going rate) that firm, or that attorney, will receive a minimum of $436,800.00. Now I am not against anyone earning a reasonable buck or two, but if that took a year of work, that is still a pretty hefty bunch of money, don�??t you agree? If you received that balance, in this case, $3,931,200.00, would you take it, put it in the bank, and never say another word? Let�??s wise up!

Time to Grow Up

Posted by Thomas Ault on March 6, 2018 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (0)
Time to Grow Up and be Counted 3/6/18 /tja I was reminded today about how history, whether in the Bible, or just in memory, seems to repeat itself. The uninformed many have assumed that he/she has not fulfilled his/her obligations, and to some extent, while that assumption may be true, the question is, who is to blame? A good friend of mine pointed out that we continue to throw mud instead of roses. A case in point, whether we like our new president or not, he has been one of the very few that has tried to live up to his promises. We are experiencing the greatest, even though somewhat alarming, surge in the market place than at any time in history that I can remember. The out of work folks have become much more employed than in recent history, and the taxes of been slowed down, not just for the rich (as the news likes to preach to us), but also to us, the less fortunate, in the lower income brackets. If we truly look back at biblical history, we find such men as David, Saul, Moses, and a few hundred more that were not perfect by today�??s standards, did do the will of the Christian God, and while what they did seems barbaric in today�??s world, was something than needed to be done in the period of time in which they lived. Were they wrong? All of us, including those we consider to be perfect, have not always been perfect! Many of us did things that neither we, nor those that know us, would want to publicize, yet each day we see our elected officials pointing out every flaw in their opponents character, even if they are fabrications. They hire people to start unnecessary probes. They remind me of the investigator taking pictures of private family situations in an attempt to tarnish their character. We should overlook some of their promises that could only be accomplished with a bit of assistance from those that would rather wreak havoc instead of serve the people who elected them. It is my hope that one day our elected ones get over this juvenile attitude and start doing what they were elected to do. They would the not only earn our trust, but their pay!


Posted by Thomas Ault on October 28, 2017 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)



Thin Skinned TJA 10/26/2017

It is difficult to not feel sorry for those people that need to have everything their way. They are missing out on one of the important things in life. It is called understanding. Today it’s almost a crime to enjoy a good joke. Every word must be carefully spoken lest someone find fault with it. Why do so many think that everything said has to portray some nasty connotation? Are we living in a world of evil minds?

We used to tell a joke, play a prank on someone, and even tease a friend. It was something we all took in stride and smiled about, even when the joke was on us. As a matter of fact, if we didn’t get picked on occasionally, we felt left out! We learned to “take it on the chin,’ then forget it, even if it hurt.

Face to face confrontation is no longer acceptable. We have kids being attacked on Facebook, and iPhones, and iPads, because that is what they see every day in the media or on television. Too many continue to make a “mountain out of a molehill.”

I look back at my childhood and smile because it was a great time. I lived with my mother and my grandmother. I didn’t know that we were poor; someone forgot to tell me! I had the opportunity to bag potatoes at the local grocery store in my preteens. I didn’t make much money, but by working there I got to fly in the Wonder Bread Blimp, and that was great! (My mother didn’t have to sign a dozen waivers, pay a fee, and check with an attorney first!)

Our back yard had some great holes that my friend and I dug and used for foxholes to fight off a make- believe enemy. We didn’t waste time plotting against one another. If there was a problem, we confronted each other and solved it, generally peacefully. Occasionally a bloody nose, hurt dignity, but always a mother’s tender care for both of the boys (or girls) without taking sides, always insisting on a shake of the hands and an “I’m sorry.”

We since have become a thin-skinned, none-caring, over-regulated group, waiting like vultures to pounce on our next prey! Let’s try to understand each other instead of being pushed by the media to believe the worst in our peers?



Posted by Thomas Ault on October 2, 2017 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Today we live in a new world, a new concept if you will. Over the past century we have gone from loving everything to hating everything.

The fact is we tend to hate anything someone else has and we do not.

What is the meaning of hate and love?

First, HATE: “Described as an intense hostility and aversion usually driving from fear, anger or sense of injury.”. From the American Heritage Dictionary: “Intense animosity or dislike.” There are more definitions you can find under that title.

Second: LOVE: “An intense feeling of deep affection.” or “A variety of different emotional and mental states,” or according to The American Heritage Dictionary, “A strong feeling of affection and concern toward another person, as that arising from kinship or close friendship.”

God’s followers describe love as being that which all mankind should embrace, one for the other.

Today we have decided to hate! We hate our neighbors, we hate the republicans, we hate the democrats, we hate anyone that disagree with us because without searching out the truth, we lazily hate what we don’t understand.

The shooting in Las Vegas is still under the microscope. Is there an answer?

From the beginning of this century, we have heard more about hate than any time in the history of our country. The tearing apart of our wonderful country is underway, and those that believe “hate” is the answer, are responsible! For one, I do not condone hate! Do you?

What fools we all are. We now have more that most, even in the better neighborhoods, had in the 1930’s and 1940’s. There was one real thing we had and it was called love. We cared for our neighbors; we cared for the lonesome hobo that wandered the railroad tracks; we cared for the poor and needy by sharing what we had whether it was a coat we no longer needed, or a scrap of food left over. Sometimes we made sacrifices to provide for those who had less.

Today the world is filled with “me’s.” Those that say “I” am important, “I” am smart, “I” have more than you do. “I” come first. What a sick bunch of “namby-pambies” we have become!

Take a good look around you and see the greedy, self-indulgent, and just plain ungrateful bunch we are. We are pathetic! We could do much better for our country and fellowman.



Posted by Thomas Ault on September 26, 2017 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I guess I have missed out on something in my education. As I recall, the definition of athlete, is, according to The American Heritage Discionary, fifth edition:

One who participates in physical exercise or strength, agility, and endurance for success in sports,a contestest, one who contends. " Taking this a step further  we look at athletics and we find, "Activities, such as sports, exercises, and games that require physical skill and stamina", or/and, "The principles or system of training and practice for such practices."

I don't see a sentence there that says anything about activisit, intellect, thinker, intellectual, or politician. Did I miss something?

We are facing so many uncertainties in these days with the weather taking its toll whereever it lands with its devastation and without regard to man,beast, or plant. Complacent with the discovery of the atom...a thing that should and could have made a difference to people possibly providing clean water and maybe even the elimination of disease for many.. The probability of war with a tyrant who has no boundaries, the continuation of a world with famine in every country, including this United States of America, and yet we have lesser men who are supposed to be above average in scholastics, sports; men who should be men of integrity, honesty, setting themselves forth as roll-models for young adults.

What do we have? We have a facade of men who have placed themselves on pedestals, who actually believe the hype the press sounds off about them and have now such inflated bank accounts that match their egos, it is next to vulgarity.;

When people place man above God in worship, yes I said man above God, I am referring to those people in our population that are so involved in the sport teams of this country they cannot see beyond the end of their noses. Just imagine how wonderful it could be if the same amount of "sports enthusiasts" were "God enthusiasts." Would that not be wonderful?

Instead, we have overlooked drug addiction, rape, even murder, when it is a sports idol that has performed the act. If an ordinary person who happens to work 8 hours or more a day, who is trying to raise a family, who probably goes to church at least once month, and is desperately trying to meet his family's needs,was to do half of what these "sports idles" get away with, he would be incarcerated for life and have the key thrown away.

Take a good look at this new breed of sports heroes. You must be very proud to call them citizens of this great country. If they really cared about what is important, which they don't seem to have the intelligence to do, they would strive to make this country strong.;

This is not a race thing! If anyone thinks it is they are missing the point completely! We have become so stupidly involved in "race," "equality," "religious beliefs," and a multitude of other things, we have allowed the tyrants who wish to overthrown our great country the opportunity they have been working toward for almost a century. Are you really going to buy into this idiocy? Take a look around at the other countries of the world and discover how fortunate you have been and how fortunate you are! If you are going to imbibe in self-pity, ask someone of age what their young lives were like.Believe it or not, most of them didn't even know that they were poor! I was one of them. I celebrated my friendship with the black kids on my block, the Mexican and Italian kids on my block, the Catholic kids on my block...they were and still are my friends.