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If you want to have an autographed copy of "Instrument of Death," the newest Deavereau book, send our check to Thomas Ault in the amount of $17.00 to and enter the name of the book in the subject area. That will include all freight and taxes. Otherwise, it is available through both and Createspace by clicking the Createspace purchase button below. 

Now is your opportunity to get "Deavereau and the Napoleon Clock Incident", just rewritten and formatted for your reading enjoyment. DON'T MISS OUT!!! Read it for free at Amazon Kindle. AND NOW*****THE NEW DEAVEREAU BOOK, "INSTRUMENT OF MURDER." IT MAY COST MORE, BUT THEN WHAT DOESN'T...IT ISN'T ME, IT'S THE PUBLISHER....$13.95 PLUS S&h...BUT, LET'S SEE WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN WHEN YOU ORDER IT FROM MY EMAIL ADDRESS WHICH IS

 EVERY HOUR COUNTS - -        $8.75    

MY NAME IS JAKE - Create Space Purchase  -  -                $6.19

JAKES ANIMAL FRIENDS - Create Space Purchase -  -    $6.95

JAKES TRAVELS - Create Space Purchase - -                     $6.95

JAKES FEATHERED FRIENDS - Create Space Purchase - -$6.95

JAKES WORLD OF FLOWERS - Create Space Purchase -    $6.95

JAKES NATURE WALK - Create Space Purchase -                 $6.95

JAKES NEW FRIENDS- Create Space Purchase -                   $6.95

JAKES WORLD FOR KIDS - Create Space Purchase -           $24.95


THE INCIDENT                                -                         $8.95

 DEAVEREAU                                                                   AND                                                                                                                                                                               THE NAPOLEON CLOCK INCIDENT  - $8.55 - 

TRUTH OR FICTION? YOU DECIDE! - $5.38  Buy Direct @ for $3.95+S&H

Instrument of Murder - $13.95 -

"Truth or Fiction" is a small book (80 pages) of short stories, essays, and miscellaneous for the person who wants to pick up something for a quick read at the doctor's office, the airport, or wherever one may spend unknown times.

"Every Hour Counts" and "Moving West," Two Books of the Gilbert Clock trilogy are a must read for those who enjoy historical facts and GOOD FAMILY READING WITHOUT  putting up with THOSE NASTY phrases and WORDS you don't use at home.

If you prefer  mind twisting tales of  intrigue and murder, but in good taste, "THE INCIDENT," DEAVEREAU AND THE NAPOLEON CLOCK INCIDENT,"  and now, "INSTRUMENT OF MURDER"*  are books you will get lost in, to the point you will not want to put them down.

The newest one is finally here! You won't want to miss out on Deavereau's newest mystery. Lori will play an intricate part in this book while still hoping for a little more romance from the handsome Deavereau. It is finally here!!!! The Instrument of Murder." You won't want to miss this one, they just keep getting better!!

"Jakes World for Kids" has 80 COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS AND DESCRIPTIONS BY JAKE. It is designed for children from 3 to 8 years of age. You will find its cover picture on Create Space when you click the createspace site above. It is sold as a GIFT BOOKIT HAS A PLACE FOR YOUR PICTURE or the picture of the child you are giving it to creating this "Keepsake" for ever!!!

 The detective stories, "Deavereau and the Napoleon Clock," "Instrument of Murder," and "The Incident", plus the fictional/factual history of Gilbert Clock, "Every hour Counts" can all be found at the Amazon library for Kindle! Don't miss the opportunity to get these books on Kindle. Just go to Amazon, type Thomas J Ault into the search engine, and all of my books will appear. Those available on Kindle will be so marked or, you may order direct using your Kindle home page.

If you want to find out more about the author, visit Google and type Thomas J. Ault

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We have done everything we can to publish the books at a price you can afford. Remember, the adult books are available on Kindle.

You may find these books on other websites and even in some bookstores.

We value your input, so if you feel the need to drop a note, there is a page on this website that you can do that. Please submit with an email address that we can answer to.

Thanks to all, and to all good reading!!

  "The Incident," "Deavereau and the Napoleon Clock," and the newest mystery, "Instrument of Murder", plus the fictional history of "The City of Brass' as seen by Gilbert Clock in "Every Hour Counts", and its companion book, "Moving West"  all can all be found at the  Amazon library for Kindle!!

Don't miss the opportunity to get these books on Kindle. Just go to Amazon, type Thomas J Ault into the search engine, and all of my books will appear. Those available on Kindle will be so marked or, you may order direct using your Kindle.

If you want to find out more about the author, visit Google and type Thomas J. Ault. If you would prefer to order a signed copy, drop an email to and enter "Books" in the subject area!

For more good reading of a different GENRE, search Michael R. Ault (my son).



When we corroborate, we learn from each other and many times find our original concept was wrong. That support that we get from each other is vital at certain times.

Color plays an important part in the children's books but also raises the publishing prices tremendously.

Sometimes, two or more authors work on a book.
Jake and Me at our book signing in Kansas...he loved having the picture taken!!

A brief story line tells you what the book is about without revealing the details that would spoil the ending for the reader.

Every Hour Counts is an accounting of time from 1879 - 1907 as related by an old 1879 Gilbert Clock. It tells you about its owners, the times in which it was watching and listening to the issues of the times. Many facts which you may or may not be aware of explode before your eyes, as it meets people and goes through times involving the first cars, the first New Year's Eve drop of the beautiful ball, in New York.

Moving West  introduces you to the 1900's as the family moves from the East to the mid-West in Iowa. The family grows, folks leave,  but the beautiful Gilbert Clock is there to tell you about  their lives.

"The Incident" involves detective work by the police departments in both Tampa Florida and in  Alabama. The crime weaves its way through the communities of Guntersville and Albertville as well as the Jacobin Corporation, in Tampa, leaving you breathlessly awaiting the climax.  You will be kept in the dark until the truth is unveiled by our Tampa detectives.

"Deavereau and the Napoleon Clock Incident takes place in Guntersville, Alabama where our newest exciting detective, Bill Deavereau, and his beautiful assistant, Lori attempt to unravel the strange case thrust upon them by the devious Mr. Benjamin Franklin Spears. Is it a clock they are seeking or something else?

In "Intrument of Murder," the duo finds unexpected characters flooding into their case as cousins, aunts, uncles, and  some other relatives find their way to the little town in an attempt to take away the very things Deavereau and Lori are searching for. Murder takes place when least expected, and even the main characters don't have a clue.


As we all know there are many books out there with cartoon characters that the children are taught to react to. We felt that we needed a tour guide that was real, that any child could love ...we found Jake. He was delighted to be able to walk through the pages of photographs and describe them in a language the children could understand.

The final book "Jakes World for Kids" is a compilation of the original group of books, with a few more pages thrown in. Several pre-fourth grade teachers thought a big book that they could use for instruction was needed, i.e. Jakes World for Kids was launched. The publishing cost was high due to the color plates used, but it is a worth-while gift book for you to give to any child, relative or not....We hope that you send for it and enjoy it!