Posted by Thomas Ault on February 2, 2016 at 7:40 PM

I know that each and every one of us has our individual thoughts as to this election year. For many of us this is not our “first time around the block” but this seems to be a turning point for our great nation, a turning point that will either set us back considerably more than we already are, or plunge us ahead into a new century with the objective of putting our nation on a more sturdy foundation.


We know of lies, cheating, scandals of the past, all things that we can mull over like bad memories; we have heard of "politics as usual" and many more things that campaigns bring out. What we rarely hear anymore is how wonderful our country is, how great it has been, and could still be with the right leadership that can take us from the hole we have dug through bad selection of leadership over the past years.


I have taken the path of listening to each and every candidate and placing their discussions in some kind of intelligent order, rather than trying to swim through the rhetoric that tells me nothing that is of value. There is no reason to listen to the blather about Joe’s recent past, John’s stupidity in college, Bob’s girlfriends of the past and present…it is time to listen to what these candidates say that they can do for the country, not what they think of the past problems they have all had or even worse, what their apponents may have had.


It makes no difference whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, a Catholic, a Protestant, a Jew, black, white, yellow, red, or multicolored,  we are all Americans and it is time to pull together as though we were one unit of people, one party for the betterment of this great country that has fallen from grace in the eyes of so many foreign countries.


At one time we were number 1 in the world for product and for productivity. I heard that we are now somewhere around 16th in the world. At one time, we were the country to look up to. Now we are fast becoming the country to look down upon.


I am not fool enough to ask you to listen to and vote for any one candidate. I am wise enough, however to ask you to listen carefully to the candidates, remember what has taken place in your lives as far back as you can remember, and choose what is best for our country, not what is best for yourselves individually.


We are a country that has pulled itself up from the struggles, that all new countries go through, to the level of success we were... not too many years ago. We are not people who want to have everything given to us as we turn over all of our assets and corporations and businesses to the government.


In 2006 I had the luxury of going to a few countries in and around Europe. When I traveled through St. Petersburg, Russia, I saw people who have forgotten how to smile. I listened to people tell me how lucky they were that the government had allowed them to enjoy better food and more of it than they had had for some time. I saw a streetcar that would have fit nicely into our 1940’s and 1950’s era. I saw apartment buildings falling apart that people were living in falling apart. We saw people that were certain that we had to be spies as they watched us like hawks everywhere we went, (and by the way), we were never allowed to be without one of their guides looking over our shoulders. We visited the beautiful, gold adorned palace in St. Petersburg where even even the furniture laced with gold, and being led through the place with all eyes upon us waiting for us to steal something or do some other dastardly deed. Being watched by people that had no such luxury except in their pride of the past!


I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live like that. You can call it communism, you can call it socialism, you can call it anything you want to, but I call it a shameful way to treat your people when they have to worry every moment about someone looking at them and judging them and spying on them and condeming them. 


Friends, keep in mind that we, as a country, have prospered through hard work and pride of ownership. At this point in time, it could be assumed that the bulk of our citizens owe more money than ever before and are getting deeper in debt every day. Free things like education, health care, and many other things, that have been received from the government, are gaining more and more popularity. One question…where is the money coming from to pay for these things? Could it be the $19 Trillion debt our country can now claim?


In ending this long bit of non-information for those that have been paying attention to what has been happening for the past several years, let me just say, God Bless America and God Bless those that keep her going…think before you vote, but vote after searching your heart, your mind, and your surroundings!


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Reply Claudia
5:07 PM on February 3, 2016 
Excellent and so true. Many of us Americans need to wake up and take back our country and make it great again. Hoping that we make the right choice, to get us back to the great land this country has always been.
Enjoyed your words of wisdom!