The Final Chapter

Posted by Thomas Ault on August 16, 2015 at 7:35 PM

As I sit here on the mantle, I can hear the rhythmic clicking of my inner working as the pendulum swings from side to side. It is as though the very heartbeat of time is calling to me from both the past and the present with questions about the future. Questions which I cannot answer.

So much time has passed since my beginning in 1879. Families have come and gone, and new people and places have taken their place. No object, such as I am, is able to do what I have done with my story telling about the past...after all a simple clock cannot possess anything but gears and springs that the maker has placed within it. Or can it?

After "Every Hour Counts", and "Moving West," it is time for "The Final Chapter." I will to tell the writer what has happened, as much as possible, even though my dictation is hardly heard over the din of todays new electronic world.

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